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DIGIT S-026 Series Dishwasher

DIGIT S-026 Series Dishwasher

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DIGIT S-025 Series Dishwasher

Technical specifications:

  • Dimensions: 473 x 513 x 639
    Total power of 3 kW.
  • 230V voltage.
  • Includes 2 baskets for glasses.
  • Basket measurements 40x40 cm.
  • It has 4 washing cycles of 1,2,3, or 8 minutes.
  • Includes 2 baskets for glasses.

Stainless steel construction
Washing and rinsing arms embedded in stainless steel,
rotating and independent
Upper and lower wash arm, Mods. S-28 and N-700
Cuba with monoblock embedded guides
Double wall (Body and door)
Automatic water level

Magnetic security micro on the door
Built-in peristaltic rinse aid dispenser
Non-return valve in compliance with CE regulations
Double filter in tank
Cuba stamped with rounded angles
Electronically regulated cycles of 1, 2, 3 or 8 minutes, as needed
Drain pump (optional)
Built-in descaler (optional)

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