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Convection oven F15 5470 RX304

Convection oven F15 5470 RX304

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RX304 convection oven

Wide range of convection and regenerating ovens. We present a selection of them, we adapt to your needs. Bakery, Gastronomy, Compact, Digital Ovens, with Automatic Washing, etc. Gas options, hoods, steam condensers, showers, humidifiers, door opening change, voltage, etc. on request. Detailed features on each oven. Consult us for delivery times.

-Capacity: 4 430x340 / 4 GN 2/3.

-External dimensions: 590 x 675 x 540(h) mm.

-Chamber dimensions: 450 x 340 x 345(h) mm.

-Maximum temperature: 250°C.

-Provision: 4 perforated aluminum trays

-Electrical power: 3100 W

-Voltage: 230v 50 Hz

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